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These beautiful personalized icon monograms are a perfect home decor item for displaying all year round. The personalized icon/monogram is available fixed or removable. Three icons are included, with the remaining icons available to purchase separately. The examples shown are laser cut from painted MDF and plywood, or a double layer of plywood. Acrylic options are also available. Lighter colors reflect the natural colors of birch or maple, and the darker colors reflect the natural colors of walnut, oak, cherry, or mahogany. Brighter colors are available upon request. Names or personalization is included. You will receive an email from BlueRose Workshop after purchase to finalize style and color preferences.

Icon Monogram Signs

  • The sizes for these variable sign/shape options include the following: 10.9 inches by 10.9 inches, 15.3 inches by 10.9 inches,  18.3 x 10.9, and 17 inches by 10 inches 17.3 x 9.5 inches. Each sign comes with a fixed icon, or up to 3 interchangeable icons. 

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