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The BlueRose Workshop is dedicated to producing high end, quality handcrafted items. Michelle, the owner of BlueRose Workshop, has spent the past year sourcing quality plywood, MDF (medium density fiberboard), and acrylic materials. She has dedicated most of the past year perfecting cutting and engraving practices, as well as learning the best staining and painting processes. BlueRose Workshop stands behind their products, and hopes that they will be enjoyed in the years to come. Michelle uses quality files from the best designers in the business, and she looks forward to using her creativity for designing more of her own items in the future. 

Candle and Berries
Wooden Pieces


Michelle started this company to fulfill a longtime dream of becoming a woodworker. Her previous experiences include various roles in the construction industry. Designing kitchen and window layouts opened her eyes to the beautiful unique characteristics of various wood species, as well as the importance of quality staining and painting practices. Michelle enjoys handcrafting each unique piece, knowing her clients will enjoy them for many years to come. 

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